reading, nature, literature, book

Daily Book Challenge: Reflection

I finished my month of reading! Though I didn’t quite make it to 30 – 26/30 again for 87% – I did rediscover reading as a beloved pastime. In addition, I was inspired to undertake my next challenge, which focuses on writing.

reading, literature, book

In the end, I feel like William  Styron when he says:

“A great book should leave you with many experiences, and slightly exhausted at the end. You live several lives while reading.”

For a full list of the books I finished, see below!

  1. The Christmas Letters – by Lee Smith
  2. The Reader – by Bernhard Schlink
  3. Ru – by Kim Thúy
  4. Bird Ambulance – by Arline Thomas
  5. Time and Tide in Acadia – by Christopher Camuto
  6. Small Change – by J. Belinda Yandell
  7. The Scent of Pine – by Lara Vapnyar
  8. Legend of the Free State of Jones  – by Rudy H. Leverett
  9. Selma, Lord, Selma – by Sheyann Webb and Rachel West Nelson, as told to Frank Sikora
  10. Sacajawea – by Harold P. Howard
  11. I Heard the Owl Call My Name – by Margaret Craven
  12.  The Last Days – by Charles Marsh
  13. Heaven is for Real – Todd Burpo
  14. The Pleasing Hour – Lily King
  15. Death in Venice – by Thomas Mann
  16. A Virtuous Woman – by Kaye Gibbons
  17. Demian – by Hermann Hesse
  18. Cry, the Beloved Country – by Alon Paton
  19. American Forests: A History of Resiliency and Recovery – by Douglas W. MacCleery
  20. A Christmas Memory, One Christmas, & The Thanksgiving Visitor – by Truman Capote
  21. ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’ and Other Stories – by Charlotte Perkins Gilman
  22. The Sea – by John Banville
  23. Monkey Hunting – by Cristina Garcia
  24. The Joy of Knitting – by Lisa R. Myers
  25. The House of First Street – by Julia Reed
  26. Quite a Year for Plums – by Bailey White

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