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Daily Book Challenge: Day 21

A Christmas Memory, One Christmas, & The Thanksgiving Visitor

by Truman Capote

When I picture Truman Capote, I: a) Think of Philip Seymour Hoffman playing Truman Capote in a movie and b) Think of his true-crime novel In Cold Blood. Given this, I pictured him as an odd, hard, mysterious kind of character.

When I found a collection of his Christmas stories at the library, I couldn’t resist, I had to check it out.


My image of the man as an author has completely changed! In these three stories – which largely feature the same people – Capote describes in loving detail a child-like aunt, a small dog Queenie, and their holiday adventures in the deep south. Given that the stories are based on his own childhood, I was further moved.

Just goes to show that to truly judge an author, one must read most if not all of their works.


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