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Daily Book Challenge: Day 14

Heaven is for Real & The Pleasing Hour

Todd Burpo & Lily King

For many people, Memorial Day is the perfect time to check out the beach, swim in the ocean, and lay in the sand. As someone who lives on the Florida Panhandle all year round, I vowed to avoid it completely until the crazy crowds had filed out.

In the early morning I quickly began and finished Heaven is for Real, a cute story regardless of its believability and one that was recommended to me by my sister-in-law. One book down, one book to go to be completely caught up.

paris, city, france, travel, eiffel tower

I cheated a little on the second one, The Pleasing Hour. I had read 50 or so pages before the challenge ever started, though that still left me about 180 to go. I moved from the couch to the bed back to the couch again, devouring every word. Set in France, each one of the characters is deeply flawed. And yet, through interacting together they all finally begin to heal.

14 days down, 16 to go.


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