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Daily Book Challenge: Day 8

The Scent of Pine

by Lara Vapnyar

At first I thought this story would be weird. A middle-aged woman takes a ride with a stranger, and recounts her history as a camp counselor in Russia? What?

But I was wrong! It was an intricate tale stressing the importance of both random chance and mistaken assumptions, with a surprising twist at the end. Plus I’ve always loved novels set in Russia (I read Crime and Punishment in high school, which started it all).

kitten, reading, book

I finished The Scent of Pine in the car when I was stopped for two hours waiting for an accident to clear, so when I returned home I started Legend of the Free State of Jones. One of my kittens – Buster – decided I made a pretty comfortable mattress, and fell asleep right on top of me!


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