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Daily Book Challenge: Day 3


Kim Thúy

As my second book of my travel day, I moved from the atrocities of WWII to the atrocities of Vietnam in the 1970’s. The noise of the plane dissipated as Kim Thúy pulled me back and forth from Vietnam to a refugee camp to a new life in Canada and back to Vietnam once more.

book, travel, reading, literature

Though her narrative wasn’t formed in a traditional arc, it wasn’t difficult to follow, and seemed to me like a person recollecting different moments of her life. In a piece by NPR, the author writes that the “novel unfolds in the way a flower casts off petals: one small scene after another.”

By the time I had finished, I felt like I needed to come up for air. After two fairly heavy books, I was happy to turn to a more light-hearted recollection as my next selection.


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