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Daily Book Challenge: Day 2

The Reader

Bernhard Schlink

Day 2 of my challenge coincided with a travel day, flying from Florida to Maine. Since I had 5+ hours of reading time available, I ended up finishing not one, not two, but three works before I fell asleep just after midnight.

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Since it’s my challenge – so I get to make up the rules – I’ve decided that when I read more than one book in a day, the extra books can count for future days. Why not? That was especially fortuitous for me, since the next few days would be spent camping and traveling through the Maine North Woods as part of my National Geographic Young Explorers grant.

The first novel I picked was The Reader by Bernhard Schlink. Set in Germany post-WWII, it is a dark yet fascinating story about individuals dealing with repercussions of a Nazi past. I read it nearly without stopping, and I highly recommend it.


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