Book, reading, art, literature

Daily Book Challenge: Introduction

When I was little I used to read all the time. I gobbled up the Magic Treehouse series in early elementary school, switching to the Boxcar Children and then the Babysitters’ Club.

By high school, I was making my through the classics, from Pride and Prejudice to Jane Eyre to Dracula and Dorian Gray. In the summertime my family would move up to a lake in Maine from June until August, and people would invariably find me with a nose in a book sprawled out on the couch, the lawn, or the dock.

Book, reading, art, literature

Somewhere along the way, I have lost that literary veracity. In college my nights were spent reading for homework, not for pleasure. Ditto for graduate school.

However, now that my free time has become more my own, I want to delve back into the world of the written world. This challenge should help me do that!

For the next 30 days, I will endeavor to read one full book a day. I realize it sounds crazy, but I have two things in my favor:

  1. I read quickly.
  2. I have chosen short books and novellas.

Let the reading games begin!

If I’ve caught your interest, follow me here on the blog or on my Instagram account: @explore30days. Inspired? Join me!


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