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Daily Book Challenge: Day 1

Book 1:

The Christmas Letters

by Lee Smith

I gave myself an easy start with The Christmas Letters. A novella of around 100 pages (with big font), this work traces three generations of women as they update each other through annual Christmas letters. Hence the title.

I took the book with me to Planet Fitness, sliding onto the reclining exercise bike and treating myself to a more relaxed pace. I’m not exactly in gym-shape right now, and since I was determined to read the entire book in one sitting I knew I couldn’t go at a sprint pace the whole time.

reading, gym, fitness, book, literature, writing

Novellas are awesome, and an underused writing form. I read the book in just under an hour, immersing myself in the chatty world of these women. Though the gym pumped with the sound of whirring machines, clanging weights, and loudspeaker music, it all melted away for me as I flipped page after page.


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