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Daily 5 Mile Challenge: Day 28

Day 28 was completed in pieces. I left work a little early to go on a boat ride with my husband Brian. He picked me up at a local park’s dock, and we buzzed around Choctawhatchee Bay, East Pass, and the Gulf of Mexico before he headed out to go fishing and I to meet a friend for dinner. Since I was still a little early, I did a few laps around the park.

florida, nature, health, fitness

After we ate my friend and I explored her neighborhood. I couldn’t believe how big some of the houses on the water were. In fact, they weren’t merely houses, but impressive compounds of multiple homes, gardens, and garages. We even found a bird nesting in one of their mailboxes!

bird, birding, bird nest, nest, florida

I still had about a mile to go after I said goodbye, so I made an impromptu stop at Gulf Islands National Seashore to watch the sunset. Couldn’t have asked for a better view as I finished up my steps!


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