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Daily 5 Mile Challenge: Day 25

After two days of slacking off, I was roaring to go on Day 25. Returning home from work on the early side, I convinced my husband to take the now familiar walk to the neighborhood pond.

On our way, we saw the usual birds and residents, waving as they passed us. The sky was blue ad awash with puffy clouds, and the sun had already began its long descent.

sky, clouds, florida

However, the pond itself was hosting a slew of new faces: more ducklings!

Unlike the previous babies I’ve seen there, these broods were not afraid of people at all. The mother Muscovy Duck walked right up to our feet, the little ones trailing not far behind. In addition to one perfectly yellow chick, there was also a dark brown version, and two spotted varieties. Swoon.

nature, duck, duckling, florida

Though this mother only had four chicks, another we spotted has TWENTY ONE ducklings swimming behind her. Is it possible she lay that many eggs? Or had she adopted someone else’s babies? The mysteries of the natural world continue!


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