Daily 5 Mile Challenge: Day 20

Day 20 was another car day. The GPS predicted 11 hours to get from North Carolina to Florida, but between two food stops, one gas layover, and one nature excursion, the en route time crept up to nearly 14 hours.

Given that, I knew I didn’t have much time to reach my daily mile goal. In the morning I walked the little dog and made multiple trips to my car to pack, and ended up with nearly 2000 steps before setting out.

nature, hike, hiking, stone mountain, georgia, atlanta

The car miles dragged on – though luckily I had a friend riding with me to pass the time! As we neared Atlanta, we turned off the main highway and made for Stone Mountain. Standing at over 1500 feet, the peak offers an amazing view of the surrounding area as well as the city of Atlanta.

The trail to the top was only a little over mile long, but it was steep. I may walk a lot in Florida, but it is generally over flat terrain, and my calf muscles definitely protested on the slopes of Stone Mountain. As we slowly made our way up, a slew of middle school students came careening down past us, actually running! I had to close my eyes, too afraid that someone was going to fall and bash their heads.

stone mountain, nature, landscape, georgia

The view was worth it, and between Stone Mountain and the steps I mustered up during our stops, I had crossed the 10000 step finish line by the time we crossed back into Florida.

nature, mountain, stone mountain, georgia, health, fitness, hiking


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