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Daily 5 Mile Challenge: Day 15

Day 15 – the halfway mark – was going to be tricky. I had to work a full day, then drive almost six hours to Georgia on a two-day road trip to Durham, North Carolina. How was I going to fit all that in plus 10,000 steps?

In the end, I decided to break it up as best I could.

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Round 1: A quick mile in my own neighborhood before heading to the office. A little lame, but effective.

Round 2: My last afternoon meeting was conveniently located next to a small county park. A 1/3 mile trail wound across a grassy expanse as well as a small pond, complete with two fountains. Sure, the park was tiny, but in the 40 minutes it took me to do two miles I spotted a middle-aged man relaxing in the shade of a picnic shelter, a young guy practicing his disc golf tosses, and a mother and young son heading to the basketball courts. So much recreational use! Luckily I was just about done by the time a group of very loud teenage boys arrived, and I hopped in the car to begin my road trip.

nature, landscape, forest, karick, lake, florida

Round 3: An hour and a half later, I jumped out again at Karick Lake, located within the Blackwater River State Forest. The sun was out and reflecting off the blue of the water, where a lone man was fishing in a small boat. I traced one side of the lake, taking a trail across a bright green, grassy dam constructed long ago to create the water body itself.

The walking was definitely a lot more fun than all the driving!


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