nature, florida, flower, blossom

Daily 5 Mile Challenge: Day 7

Day 7 started with grand ambitions. I was going to leave work early, lace up my hiking boots, and walk for miles and miles and miles on one of Eglin Air Force Base’s recreation areas.

In reality, I came home, ate lunch, watched an episode of “The Newsroom,” and fell asleep for two hours. Womp, womp.

nature, health, fitness, florida, flower, blossom

It was already 6:30 p.m. by the time I woke up, and the sun was setting fast. Left with few walking options, I made my way to the pond again.

April might be the best month ever to live on the Florida Panhandle. We are far enough north that we do have seasons, and spring bursts forth in a flurry of colors and fragrances. Flowers bloomed every which way I looked along my walk, from roses to hibiscus to many other varieties I didn’t know the names for.

flower, nature, landscape, health, fitness

In the summertime it gets much too hot for most blossoms, so I better enjoy them while I can!


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