florida, nature, exercise, fitness, coast

Daily 5 Mile Challenge: Day 6

Because walking five miles every day takes me nearly two hours (what can I say, I’m a slow-poke), I’ve discovered I have to use gaps in my schedule very wisely if I want to finish all 10,000 steps.

For Day 6, I had about an hour in between my work-day and dinner with a friend downtown. Given that I live in a beach community/city, “downtown” is a relative term, and consists of just a few blocks.

florida, nature, exercise, fitness, coast

Though I work mere minutes from the emerald waters of the Gulf of Mexico along the Florida Panhandle, I’m ashamed to say that weeks can go by without me spending any quality time with the coast. Since a small city park near the restaurant sports a boardwalk along the intracoastal waterway, I made a bee-line for it.

florida, nature, exercise, fitness, coast

The coast really is a beautiful place. Sailboats bobbed gently on the waves, terns and gulls filled the skies, and green and gold salt marsh grasses waved in the shallows under the boardwalk. What is wrong with me? I have to take full advantage of living close to the water! Sure, I work like everyone else, but a small part of me should always feel like I’m on vaca.

4,000 steps along the intracoastal, another 5,000 in the same Oak Tree Park I looped around on Day 5, and the final 1,000 or so in my neighborhood got me to my goal for the day!


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