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Daily 5 Mile Challenge: Day 4

I convinced my husband to walk all five of my miles for Day 4, which was a pretty big coup considering he had originally wanted to go fishing. In fact, I could only get him to walk at all because our destination was once again the pond, where he could look for bass fishing opportunities. Four miles were down.

nature, fitness, walk, exercise, hike, florida

The last mile was slightly more difficult. It was already dark, and my husband and I had consumed exactly three adult beverages each in celebration of a freelance gig I had just landed. We’re both huge lightweights (which is kind of a contradiction in terms), and now I was faced with the prospect of a rather inebriated final mile. But we were determined!

Before this challenge, I rarely walked around at night (as a side note, I live in a very quiet neighborhood, so it is generally safe for me to be out and about after dark), and I’m starting to realize how much I’ve been missing. The moon was out, the frogs were raucous, and a strange bird called a Chuck’s-wills-widow sang from the depths of the woods.

We were only out for about 20 minutes, but we felt like kids. Especially because my husband somehow forgot to put on shoes. Everything was new and exciting; sure, we were slightly buzzed, but recapturing wonder is great under most circumstances!


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