walking, nature, pond, exercise, fitness, health

Daily 5 Mile Challenge: Day 3

I drive so much to and from work during the week, that I loathe automobile travel during the weekends. I eat whatever is left in the fridge, make great plans to go to the gym or yoga and then bail, and am perfectly happy to sit in the sun or swing in the hammock all day. Because of this, much of the walking I do is either near my home or in my neighborhood itself.

Day 3 coincided with a morning I needed to clean my house for incoming lunch guests, and between vacuuming, laundry, and general de-cluttering I managed to wrack up about a mile. That left four to go, and so after my guests had gone I grabbed my binoculars and headed to a nearby pond.

walking, nature, pond, exercise, fitness, health

I like to have a destination when I walk. A particular tree in bloom, a road crossing, anything that when I arrive I can say “aha!” with some satisfaction before turning around. While I like aimless wandering on hiking trails, in suburban neighborhoods I quickly become lost. Can I help it if most housing developments look the same?

Lucky for me, exactly 1.67 miles from my driveway is a beautiful pond. Dotted with islands and complete with a small fishing pier and wooden benches, a round-trip to the pond and back yields almost 3.5 miles – a very respectable distance.

walking, nature, pond, exercise, fitness, health

There is always something to see there. I enjoyed the blush colors of the setting sun, the zipping Purple Martins and Barn Swallows in the air above, the the fluffy yellow outlines of baby ducks hiding with their mother along a tree-filled bank. These ducks – Muscovy Ducks – could possibly be the ugliest waterfowl I’ve ever seen. They sport bright red, wax-like appendages on their faces, and their bodies are splotchy and oddly proportioned. However, their chicks are adorable!

To make it to 10000 steps I had to walk a bit past my driveway, but as dark came on strong my fitbit buzzed and I was good to go for the day. On to Day 4!


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