eglin, hiking, nature, health, fitness

Daily 5 Miles Challenge: Day 2

The weekends are made for walking. Long mornings, endlessly stretching afternoons, and lazy evenings mean I have tons of options for fitting in my five miles.

For Day 2, I chose hiking on Eglin Air Force Base with my husband in the warm light of April in Florida. Eglin is huge, the size of Rhode Island. Much of it is open for recreation on certain days, and long, winding, dirt roads leave nearly endless opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts. Leaving the car near a clear-flowing creek, we walked the five miles in one single stretch.

eglin, hiking, nature, health, fitness

Roads are usually easy to walk on, but the sand was so darn thick  in places that I felt like I was walking uphill on the beach. Because of snakes and ticks my husband and I had both opted for long pants, and I soon felt sweat dripping from my knees in the humid air. Gross.

hiking, nature, trails, florida, eglin, health fitness

Despite that, we had an amazing time. Everything sported bright green spring colors, and we traced the tracks of coyote, deer, and turkey as they zig-zagged across the path. We crossed more cool streams, and found our way to two huge fields. One even included a live coyote, and despite living in proximity to these creatures my whole life I have never before been able to watch one through the lens of my binoculars. Super cool.

eglin, hiking, nature, landscape, florida, health, fitness

The sun had begun to set as we retraced our steps to the car. Pulling our way up a small hill, we surveyed the forested land below us. I was tired, but very content.

10 miles down, 140 to go! Feel free to follow my progress on Instgram at: @explore30days


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